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RauhWatches, the distinguished German watch brand known for its precision and craftsmanship, is delighted to announce a new partnership. Tristan Brandt, the Michelin-starred chef celebrated for his culinary mastery and refined taste, has been officially appointed as the Ambassador for RauhWatches.

Tristan Brandt, with his culinary expertise and impeccable palate, steps into a new realm as the face of RauhWatches. The RauhWatches brand, synonymous with elegance, precision, and exceptional quality, underscores its commitment to style and excellence with this collaboration.

RauhWatches timepieces have long been synonymous with handcrafted watches of the highest quality. Each watch is a testament to masterful craftsmanship and timeless elegance. With Tristan Brandt as Ambassador, the brand emphasizes its dedication to elegance and artistry, whether in the culinary world or the art of watchmaking.

“I am truly excited about the opportunity to serve as an Ambassador for RauhWatches,” said Tristan Brandt. “The precision and design that go into each Rauh timepiece are truly impressive. As a Michelin-star chef, I have an eye for detail, and RauhWatches reflects that passion for perfection.”

The partnership between Tristan Brandt and RauhWatches promises exciting creative projects. The brand plans to feature Tristan in various marketing campaigns and events to introduce their impressive collection of watches to a wider audience.

“Stephan Alexander Rauh, CEO RauhWatches, said, “Tristan Brandt embodies the philosophy of RauhWatches in an extraordinary way. His passion for perfection and his distinctive taste make him the ideal Ambassador for our brand. We look forward to collaborating on exciting projects.”

RauhWatches is excited to collaborate with Tristan Brandt to explore the world of watch design and the culinary arts, and to share a passion for craftsmanship and elegance. This partnership is poised to draw attention to the exceptional watches of RauhWatches and solidify their place in the world of luxury.