The RauhWatch Rose Gold colored: Explore Three Stylish Options with New Straps!

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We are excited to announce that the popular RauhWatch in the stunning rose gold colored variant is now available as a bundle with two additional straps! This exclusive offering allows you to accentuate your personal style and give your RauhWatch a unique touch.

The RauhWatch colored in rose gold was already an eye-catcher, but now it becomes even more versatile. In addition to the classic rose gold colored bracelet, you will now receive a black silicone band, a genuine leather band, and a rose gold colored steel band. This selection enables you to switch between three different looks depending on the occasion and your personal style.

  1. Rose Gold colored Elegance: The original rose gold colored bracelet adds timeless elegance to your watch, perfect for formal occasions or a touch of luxury in everyday life.
  2. Sporty Dynamics with Black Silicone: The black silicone band gives the RauhWatch a sporty edge. Ideal for active days, sports activities, or a casual look without compromising on style.
  3. Classic Sophistication with Leather: The genuine leather band brings classic sophistication. Perfect for business meetings or special occasions, it imparts timeless beauty to your watch.
  4. Modern Flair with Rose Gold colored Steel: The rose gold colored steel band gives the Rauh Watch a modern touch. Ideal for a contemporary look that is both refined and trendy.

With this new option, you have the flexibility to customize your RauhWatch to suit your preferences. Mix and match the bands at your leisure, giving your watch an individual charm.

Discover the diversity of the RauhWatch in rose gold colored with the new strap options – a statement for your personal style.

Your time, your style, your Rauh Watch.

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