MOGUAI appointed ambassador for RauhWatches

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The globally celebrated DJ MOGUAI is the brand ambassador for RauhWatches. This partnership brings together two areas of artistic expression, electronic music and precise craftsmanship, in a collaboration that will capture the attention of fans and enthusiasts alike.

MOGUAI, whose real name is André Tegeler, has been an influential figure in the electronic music scene for several decades. With a career spanning genres from house to techno, he has earned a reputation for his distinctive sound and electrifying performances. His tracks have resonated with audiences across the globe, making him a recognized name in the industry.

The partnership between MOGUAI and RauhWatches is a testament to the synergy between music and fashion, as both art forms reflect personal style and expression. MOGUAI, known for his distinctive style and penchant for bold fashion choices, is an ideal fit for RauhWatches.

RauhWatches’ decision to make MOGUAI their brand ambassador reflects recognition of his influence and reach as an artist. Its large global fan base and continuous contributions to the world of music fit perfectly with the brand’s vision of offering high-quality watches to a diverse and discerning audience.

The partnership between MOGUAI and RauhWatches is not only a marketing collaboration, but also a tribute to craftsmanship and artistic expression. It represents the convergence of two different yet complementary worlds and highlights the growing influence of musicians in the fashion and luxury industries.

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